All enquiries to Tara Harris. Telephone: 07769205187

Vet On Call – Pilgrims Veterinary Surgery 01725 551119


Entry Fee: £1 a class on the day except the agility (see agilitynet website for entry details)

Rosettes 1st- 6th in all show classes.

Championship rosette to novelty "Top Dog" and Pedigree "Best in Show"

Classes may be split at the Judges discretion.




Judge;  TBA

Class 1. Best Veteran. 8 years and over    Sponsor: 

Class 2.                 Best Puppy6-12months               Sponsor: SJH Plumbing and Heating        

Class 3.                 Best Rescue                                 Sponsor: Animal Reiki   

Class 4. Best Crossbreed Dog                   Sponsor: 3X Vets   

Class 5. Best Crossbreed Bitch                  Sponsor: Shampoo and Setters  

Class 6. Best Scruff                                      Sponsor: Paws in Hand –   

Class 7.                 Best Conditioned Dog                  Sponsor: Handsome Hounds 01202 855755 

Class 8.                 Best Conditioned Bitch                 Sponsor: Petz R  

Class 9. Best Child Handler (under 12yrs) Sponsor: Dorset and Pet Hardware Supplies  

Class 10.Best Junior Handler (12 -16yrs)   Sponsor: Affordable Plastering


____________________Lunch approx 1pm.____________________________


Class 11. Pair of Dogs most Un-alike         Sponsor: Fleur’s Happy Hounds 01202 886623 

Class 12. Pair of Dogs Most Alike              Sponsor: Select PVCU 01202 877977

Class 13. Waggiest Tail                               Sponsor: Pilgrim’s Veterinary Surgery   

Class 14. Best 6 Legs                                   Sponsor: Pete Gollop Building&Groundwork 

Class 15. Best Mover                                    Sponsor: Select PVCU 01202 877977  

Class 16. Prettiest Bitch                               Sponsor: Handsome Hounds 01202 855755  

Class 17. Most Handsome Dog                 Sponsor: Doodle Dogs 01202 580823 

Class 18. Terrier/Lurcher(Non Registered) Sponsor: Adam Plant Flooring 07881956557

Class 19. Best Trick                                      Sponsor: Centre Heating 01202 521777

Class 20. The Dog the Judge would most

Like to take home                                         Sponsor: Lions Carol & Dave Magrath

Class 21.Consolation, not to have won

A 1st prize today.                                            Sponsor: Lions Debbie & Peter Burnett


                                All 1st prizewinners of the novelty classes will go through to the

"Top Dog" Championship at the end of the day – Free 7x5 Photograph of winning Dog kindly donated by DS Event Photography. 




Judge:       TBA

Class 22. AV Open Puppy (6-12months)       Sponsor:  

Class 23. AV Open Junior (12-18months)      Sponsor: 

Class 24. AV Open Gundogs                          Sponsor: 

Class 25. AV Open Working dogs                    Sponsor: 

Class 26. AV Open Toy                                      Sponsor: 

Class 27. AV Open Pastoral                              Sponsor: 

Class 28. AV Open Utility                                   Sponsor: 

Class 29. AV Open Terriers                            Sponsor: 

Class 30. AV Open Hounds                            Sponsor:

Class 31. AV Open Veteran                            Sponsor:


All 1ST Prizewinners from the Pedigree classes to go through to the

“Best in Show” at end of the day – Free 7x5 Photograph of winning Dog kindly donated by

DS Event Photography.



Class 32                            THE FUN SCURRY

Sponsor:               Verwood Ford                                           

Test your dogs jumping and retrieving skills. See if you can get the fastest time! Winning Times at approx 3.30 PM




Class 33                                GUN DOG CHALLENGE                                                  

Sponsor:               Lambert & Wiltshire Gunsmiths     01425 473223           

Open to all breeds of dog - give it a go!


The Classes will be split Class 33A Novice  and  Class 33B Open


Open to any Breed, your dog will need to do a timed scurry, a timed multi pick up, a small amount of obedience and will then go on to be judged on confirmation.








UNAFFILIATED FUN AGILITY ( 4 heights - mini, midi, standard, maxi)

 Briefing at 9.15 AM for a 9.30 AM start. See Agilitynet website for entry forms.   

Judge:                  TBA         

Class                      STARTERS AGILITY  (Competing at levels 1-2)

Sponsor:               Affordable Van Conversions

Class                      INTERMEDIATE AGILITY (Competing at levels 3-4

Sponsor:             Affordable Van Conversions    

Class                ADVANCED AGILITY (Competing at levels 5,6 & 7)

Sponsor:               Affordable Van Conversions

Class                      STARTERS JUMPING (Competing at levels 1-2)

Sponsor:             Affordable Van Conversions            

Class                  INTERMEDIATE JUMPING (Competing at levels 3-4)

Sponsor:               Affordable Van Conversions

Class                      ADVANCED JUMPING (Competing at levels 5,6 & 7) Sponsor:            Affordable Van Conversions               



Class 34                TEMPTATION ALLEY

Call your dog through an alley of temptations to see if they will resist the treats.




Class 35                                DOGGY DASH

Sponsor:             Verwood Ford                                             

 So you think your dog is fast over jumps? Well test their ability over a timed line of jumps. The fastest time by the end of the day wins. You can try as often as you like. Winning Times at approx 3.30 PM


On site photography at the dog event will be provided by  Tel: 01202 821197



·          All dogs are entered at the owners risk.

·          No bitches in season.

·          All dogs to be kept on leads at all times including the car park area.

·          No dogs under 6 months old can be entered.

·          Please clean up after your dog and yourselves, good venues are hard to find.

·          Dogs having won a cc/rcc are not eligible to enter Pedigree classes.

Please remember this is a fun show-no abuse to any animal will be tolerated!!